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The Stakingverse is an aggregator of staking solutions. We build partnerships with trusted and reliable projects to bring you easy, secure and competitive solutions.

We are dedicated members of the LUKSO Community combined. You can learn more about our team here. We’re passionate about building decentralized solutions for our communities.


You are depositing your coins to a smart contract created by our partners at StakeWise and Universal Page. This smart contract auto-activates new validator keys which we are responsible for, and which allow us to operate and maintain the validator nodes.

However, the contract does not allow us access your coins. Only the depositor (you) can withdraw your coins from the pool. THIS MEANS YOU ARE STILL THE CUSTODIAN! If you lose access to your wallet or keys, we CANNOT recover your coins for you. So please take normal precautions.

In essence, non-custodial staking embodies the principle of true ownership, one of the foundational ideas of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. It allows users to participate in network security and governance while retaining full control and sovereignty over their assets.

We run the nodes on multiple Virtual Private Servers, hosted by Digital Ocean, an extremely reliable and professional infrastructure provider. These servers are spread out over multiple secure data centers around the world. We are constantly monitoring and updating our servers to ensure the highest level of security and reliability.

You can track your ETH rewards in the StakeWise dashboard or your LYX rewards at app.stakingverse.io.

You can stake any amount you want!

Immediate withdrawals can come from 2 places: 1) un-staked ETH in a Vault (i.e. if there is less than 32 coins accumulated for the next validator); 2) skimming rewards from validators. There is technically no lock-up period, it is purely dependent on the validator withdrawal queue for any withdrawals exceeding the coins available from the above 2 situations.

Stakingverse will get 4.20% (4,20%) of the ETH rewards, and 10% of the LYX rewards, that you earn to operate, maintain and host your validators. For example, if you deposit 100 ETH and then you earn 10 ETH, Stakingverse will get 0.42 (0,42) ETH and the staker will get 9.58 (9,58) ETH. StakeWise does not charge any fees at the Vault level.

We charge 10% of your LYX rewards... so if you earn 100 LYX, you will receive 90 LYX and 10 LYX will be used to maintain the nodes.

StakeWise was the first truly decentralized staking pool, launching their Eth2.0 pool in 2021 and have been operating flawlessly since, with a Total Value Locked of over $100million. They are governed by an active DAO and the founders are known members of the Ethereum Community. The Stakingverse Vault was originally created by Universal Page and they are one of the most established projects in the LUKSO ecosystem. They have been audited multiple times and have a great reputation in the community.

All StakeWise V3 and all Universal Page Vault code has been audited multiple times, you can read all audits here.

Servers are the single biggest cost for us and we do not cut corners. We use the best services we can find and we spread out the exposure so that no single point of failure can create a penalizing event that hurts all of our pools at the same time.

Because of the high cost and importance of uptime and reliability, we are actively working to improve our relationships with the best server centers in the world. We have a partnership with Digital Ocean which is one of the largest and most reliable infrastructure providers in the world.

We take security and reliability very seriously. Our protocol is fully decentralized and secure. We can never access your funds.


As many as you want. When you deposit your coins they will activate new validator keys which are running on our Digital Ocean servers. Once a server is full, we will add more servers to the pool. Our capacity is unlimited.

When you initiate a withdrawal, you will enter a queue to deactivate validators. Normally this process is immediate, but if the queue is busy it could take a few days. This also depends on how much LYX or ETH you are withdrawing, as larger amounts could take longer. Otherwise, it can be as fast as any other transaction on the blockchain.

Yes and no. Small amounts of rewards, that are always sitting in the pool, are available to withdraw immediately. However, because rewards are auto-compounded, once a certain amount have accumulated in the pool, they will also be staked, meaning new validators are created. So if you want to withdraw more rewards than are in the pool, you will have to wait for those rewards to be unstaked. See previous answer for how long that can take.

You can use most popular browser extensions (such as Universal Profile or Metamask), including hardware wallets. You are interacting with a smart contract in a similar way to using other dApps, so you will connect your wallet, choose the deposit amount and sign the transaction when you are ready.

Staking (and hence validating) generates rewards for the staker. What you earn is measured as an Annual Percentage Yield of the amount that you stake. Everyone on the network earns the same APY and it is dependent on how many total validators there are. As the number of validators goes up, the APY% comes down. As there are more gas fees spend on the network the APY% will go up.

Therefore, it is variable. You will see a current APY by going to the dashboard at any time.

The Stakingverse takes a percentage of your rewards (APY) as our fee. The fee never comes from your staked coins. For example, if you stake 100 coins and earn 20% then you will earn 20 coins per year, minus our fee. If our fee is 10% then we take 2 coins and you keep 18 coins… and of course, your original 100 coins continue to be staked and earning.

Validators will earn normal rewards for attesting blocks, but if they propose a block they will receive extra rewards depending on how much gas is being spend on the network in that time. Unlike most other pools, we will share these rewards with our stakers which can possibly make the APY much higher.

We take our fees from the profit of the pool and will calculate the APY after. So whatever the Current APY says on the website, that is what you will actually receive (annualized and variable, of course).

For staking in a pool you don't have to keep track of your rewards with a CSV file, only when you are minting your rewards it will possibly be seen as a taxable event. It will be your own responsibility to make sure you fill in your tax reports correctly and stay up-to-date with the rules in your country.


The Stakingverse provides no warranties or guarantees. APYs are calulated as current “rewards” for those who participated in a decentralized network and do not represent any promise or guarantee of future returns. The Stakingverse is not providing any financial advice, offerings or lending instruments. You interact with pool contracts at your own risk. Please read our Terms of Service before interacting with our services.

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