Hire Us to Set Up Your Node

We provide staking consultation services. We can walk you through the process or handle everything for you.

For whales who want to stake above 10K LYX we have our White Glove Service.

For a monthly fee we will customize the management of your validator node, while you stay in full control of your validators. Whether you want us to maintain your validators (servers) directly or assist you in maintaining your own validators, the white glove service is tailored to your specific needs, with security and reliability as the priority.

Apply via this contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss a tailored offer with you.


The initial setup of your system and node
Generating and depositing your validators
Setting up of all your validators
Setting up an automation service which restarts your node after power failures or automatic updates
Setting up your monitoring to keep track of the performance of your node
1 Year of Emergency Support, available starting day of purchase
Access to our private Discord with other VIP validators, where you get timely updates, and priority access, available forever

We have several secure ways to help you. You always choose the method that you are most comfortable with.

Price: €2000 (One-Time, Prepay Only)

Hire a consultant to troubleshoot your node issues. A time will be scheduled with you. Availability without priority package is not guaranteed, especially during holidays. Most issues are diagnosed and solved in less than an hour.

Price: €200 per hour - (1-Hour Minimum, Prepay Only)

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